research framework

systems theory

Meadows states that to change a system certain observances must be made. First, you must understand the parts that make up a system. Second, you must understand how those parts are organized to create the structure of a system and third, you must understand the relationships between those parts.  

systems theory has been increasingly adopted to guide interventions within the sphere of human actions. Mingers (1980) argues that any action within this sphere must be grounded in explicit social theory as the world is complex in nature. This research therefore adopts a constructive lens through which any systems theory analysis is grounded in. Constructivism maintains that individuals perceive the world in their own unique way, creating "constructs" that guide their values and behaviours. 

common patterns of behaviour can often be observed within complex systems. These behaviours can reinforce certain outcomes making change difficult. Behaviours can lead to habits and norms that we allow to passively exist without much questioning or will to change. 

leverage points

leverage points are places within a complex system where a small shift in one thing can produce big changes in everything.

The fashion system